Amber Necklaces (50 cm)



Raw unpolished olive shaped adult necklace made from natural Baltic amber. Each necklace is a work of handcrafted professionals who have a years of experience in this field.

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Style Raw
Bead shape Olive
Color Green
Length 50 cm / 19.60"


  •  Amber size: 0.8-1.5 cm
  •  Length: 50 cm (21.50 inch)
  •  Weight: 12 gr.


All amber necklaces are made of genuine Baltic amber.

Since ancient times amber was referred the healing power. Even in ancient times, amber, especially succinic acid, was used in pharmacology.

Used by Europeans for centuries, amber is a natural analgesic and has pain relieving qualities. When amber warms up to body temperature, succinic acid starts to vaporize, and it holds down the inflammatory reactions. 

According to scientists, the Baltic amber – is a 50 million years ago during the Eocene period hardened resin of conifers. Accumulated resin was washed by river from the forest soil and banked up south to the sea. Over time, due to oxidation and polymerization processes, fossil resin changed to amber. The Baltic sea amber from above mentioned resin of conifers has formed over 2 million years, taking on a variety of forms, colors and sometimes „giving shelter“ to different fossils.


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